A Global Geopark is a unified and unitary geographical area to manage geological heritage and landscape of international significance according to complete protection, education and sustainable development.

The geoparks use local geological, natural and cultural heritage to improve the cognitive ability of important events that we will face in this changing society such as developing and using natural resources by sustainable development to reduce negative impact from changing climate and natural disaster.The local inhabitants feel high sense of pride about their possession to strengthen their area acceptance based on improving the public’s cognition degree about geological heritage from up to now. While the geological natural has been protected, source of state revenue is to be improved, innovative enterprises, job opportunity and high quality raining course are to come into being by geoscience tourism development.

So far, there are 127 Global Geoparks spread across 35 countries.

The Global Network of National Geoparks(GGN—Global Geoparks Network) is a voluntary network of Global Geopark supported by UNESCO, and it’s founded in 2004. GGN collects annual fee from the member. The GGN is a dynamic network where members are committed to work together and exchange ideas of least practice and join in common projects to raise the quality standards of all products and practices of a Global Geopark. International Conference on UNESCO Global Geopark is held every two years, and the operation model is from regional network such as EGN members hold twice a year to develop and promote cooperative subject.

Ten Top Topics of Global Geopark
1. Natural Resources

2. Geological Disaster

3. Climate Change

4. Education

5. Science

6. Culture

7. Women

8. Sustainable Development

9. Local and Original Culture

10. Geological Protection

    Chinese National Geopark

The theme of the logo design by the Chinese ancient characters --- "Shan (mountain)", "Shui (water)" and the dinosaur, "Shan" on behalf of the special landscape, mountains and caves, "Shui" on behalf of the water, strata, fault and fold structure, the dinosaur on behalf of the ancient ruins. It shows the main geological relics/geological landscape types with Chinese cultural characteristics. The logo is circular, and the up-semi-circle is Chinese ancient characters—Zhong Guo Guo Jia Di Zhi Gong Yuan, the down-semi-circle is English—NATIONAL GEOPARL OF CHINA.