Rokua Geopark

Get enchanted by Finland's first geopark

Silent dusk and pure driven snow, sparkling clear waters and the finest of sand – the four seasons of Rokua Geopark showcase the nature of Finland at its best. The last Ice Age combined with the eroding force of flowing water and biting wind have shaped both the area's natural environment and the local culture.

Rokua Geopark covers an area of 1,326 km2, extending from Muhos to Manamansalo. It is located in the municipalities of Muhos, Utajärvi and Vaala, and reaches into the provinces of North Ostrobothnia and Kainuu. The landscape varies from tall dunes to deep kettle holes, from expansive bogs to rocky shores and from glorious sandy beaches to paths that twirl through the forest.
Part of the global geopark network 

Rokua Geopark is the first area in Finland to be included in the international UNESCO-sanctioned geopark network. The network consists of almost a hundred special geological heritage locations from different corners of the world.

The aim of this network is to showcase geological heritage sites of international significance, conserve the natural environment and cultural legacy of included locations as well as to promote sustainable development especially through a greater focus on geotravel.
Unique and valuable environment

The exceptionally representative ground formations at Rokua Geopark were created during and after the final stages of the last Ice Age. The bedrock here is among the oldest in Europe and in places dates back up to 2.7 billion years.

The Geopark territory includes Finland's most significant barren heath forest conservation area as well as many natural-state pine forests, which contain lots of snags and sturdy trees of great age. The river flows past boreal groves, natural-state bog areas and a rugged dune and ridge landscape – a valuable environment that is well worth conserving.
Quick access from anywhere in Finland 
Rokua Geopark is a great destination both for busy weekend visitors and for people who do not want to become completely isolated in the middle of a roadless wilderness. The territory is less than an hour's drive from Oulu and Kajaani and it also well connected to bus, rail and air transport options. Oulu is the northern hub of Finnish air travel and Kajaani airfield is also close to the geopark.
Finland's biggest adventure race 
The Rokua Geopark Challenge is an annual competition for men and women of a truly adventurous sort. Contestants must prove themselves in running, orienteering, canoeing, swimming, diving, off-road cycling, climbing and a series of tasks requiring wits and intelligence. More than two hundred versatile athletes come to Rokua Geopark each year to vie for the Rokua Geopark Challenge championship.