Flora and Fauna


Qinling Zhongnanshan UNESCO Global Geopark has a warmly sub humid monsoon climate with clear distinction in four seasons, and 226 days of frost-free period, averaged 0.4℃ in January, 26.6℃ in July and 13.3℃ in a year round. Annual precipitation in the area averages 613.7mm and average humidity 69.6%. Climate in the mountainous terrain has showed an evident vertical donation, 100m risen to 0.6℃ fallen. The geopark is abundant in water resources of 40×108m3, and it is 51% of the central of Shaanxi plain. There are 28 rivers including the Heihe River, the Laohe River, the Fenghe River etc. and 30 water reservoirs in the geopark.

The southern of Zhongnanshan is north subtropical zone humid region, and the north is warm temperature semi-humid region. Besides, the northern slope is a mixed area of coniferous forest, broadleaf and deciduous broadleaf forest of warm temperature zone, the north boundary of evergreen broadleaf trees and subtropical plants in China, a conjunct area of northern China, central China, Tanggute and Hengduan Mountain. Floras and faunas are transitional, mixed and varied in this area. The vertically biological zoning in integrity makes the area an important biological gene base. The area is also important for a number of rare animals, such as panda, golden monkey, Qinlingtakin, crested ibis etc, and rare plants such as kingdonia uniflora etc.