Research and Learn Tourism Curtain Comes Down in Qinling Zhongnanshan Zhuque Scenic Area

Research and Learn Tourism activity, Entering Zhuque and Experiencing Camping, is hosted by Xi’an Education Bureau from 12th to 13th in Qinling Zhongnanshan Global Geopark Zhuque Scenic Area, which is other curtain after Cuihuashan Scenic Area for its rich animal and plant resources and unique quaternary glacier heritage landscape. More than 200 students from different school and 10 organizations attended this activity, which wined good result. And the attended organizations represent they will continue to cooperate with Goepark.

The light spot of this two-day and one-night activity is doing everything by children selves, for example, putting up tents to learn field survival knowledge, doing outdoor training to train cooperation, and exploring in scenic area on foot to improve cognition degree about geology and plant. Besides, making and using stretcher, picking up litter and doing tug-of-war are carried out to exercise environmental cooperation consciousness. Meanwhile, Shaanxi TV, Xi’an Education TV, Xi’an Zero Distance, Xinhua Net and other media report the activity.

Comment: The first teen-agers and children camp is set up at Zhuque Scenic Area. It focuses education, research and study tourism, forest exploration, entertainment, parents-child campaign and other activities.