Spring Festival in Geopark

During the Spring Festival, organized by the Qinling Zhongnanshan Global Geopark, many activities were launched to encourage tourists to explore the geopark in each scenic area.

From 27/1/2014 to 6/2/2014, “Garbage Exchange” ecological trips were held in Lishan Scenic Area. Tourists could get a gift if brought their own or others’ garbage away from geopark when they gone. Over 3,000 gifts were set to encourage public to protect environment during the trip. All the gifts were handmade by people from local community, such as paper cutting, flower-shaped bun (a kind of local food by wheat flour) etc.
“Garbage Exchange” Gifts Booth
Gift (Flower-shaped Bun)

Besides making an ecological trip in Lishan, public can closely examine the various kinds of rocks and explore the different kinds of skiing activities in Cuihuashan Scenic Area.
Media Report by SXQC TV