The Best Class Is in the Nature

On November 5th, it is already autumn in Qinling Zhongnanshan, where students' laughter were heard everywhere. Nearly a thousand middle school students from Grade C18 of Xi 'an Branch Of Tsinghua University Affiliated Middle School went to Qinling International Juvenile Camp to carry out a study tour.

During the study tour, students participated in the popular science education, capability development, practical experience and group interaction projects, and gained a wonderful experience. At the camp, the students enhanced their teamwork ability through outdoor training, and increased their knowledge of survival in the wild by learning to set up outdoor tents and make simple stretchers. And then under the guidance of the instructor, the students went hiking in the cold weather while listening to the instructor explaining the geological knowledge such as the mountain range, rock structure and vegetation type etc. Picking up the steps and appreciating the colorful autumn scenery, releasing the constraint of "long in the cage" and enjoying the joy of "returning to nature", the students completely forgot the coldness in the autumn day and the rugged road. The quiet and old mountain also became lively with the arrival of the students.

Reading ten thousand books, traveling ten thousand miles, the meaning of study tour is to walk into the nature, learn from the nature, contribute to the nature and harvest comprehensive growth. The study tour at the Qinling International Juvenile Camp has enriched the children's knowledge reserve and improved the students' comprehensive quality, innovative spirit and practical ability. Travelling experience, rich knowledge and real friendship are what Qinling Zhongnanshan brings to everyone.