Tourist Line from Cuihuashan Scenic Area to Taiyigong Huayuan Community Is Opened



According to the aim of “one community one brand, one area one industry”, Cuihuashan Scenic Area of Qinling Zhongnanshan UNESCO Global Geopark and Taiyigong sub-district office connected the scenic area with the community and upgraded four tourist lines to make full use of the tourism advantages and influence. They also applied “scenic area + cooperation agency + community” pattern to develop tourism brands including parent-child farming and research in travelling, rented farms and fields, and community home stay, which will bring communities and their members more income, meet citizens’ travel needs and become the example as tourism and community integration in Shaanxi.

The first tourist line A of Cuihuashan Scenic Area + Taiyigong Huayuan Community was opened and entered into trial operation. Tourist line A is 9 km from Cuihuashan Scenic Area to Taiyiyi and covers several scenic spots including Tianchi landslide area in Cuihuashan Scenic Area, Yifangyuan sightseeing area (the first geo museum in northwest, Shilibaipu, Jiutian waterfall, Ganqiuchi forest fitness area). In the communities, there are 29 community scenic spots including Taiyiyi RV campground, Flowers and Grass Street, 5 village history museums, Mingsu Garden, Jiaoye Park, Baijiawan and Dongbaocun Farm etc. By doing this, multi tourism elements including mountain climbing, sightseeing, catering and village home stay are integrated into the tourist line.

To make full use of the resource advantages of the industry chain of Qinling Zhongnanshan UNESCO Global Geopark and to promote the development of nearby communities, “Cuihuashan Scenic Area + Taiyigong Huayuan Community” tourist line was opened. The opening ceremony was held in Taiyiyi on June 10, which was hosted by Chang’an District Committee, Chang’an District Government, Xi’an Tourism Group, Rural Revitalization Office of Chang’an District, Culture, Tourism and Sports Bureau of Chang’an District, and was undertaken by Cuihuashan Scenic Area of Qinling Zhongnanshan UNESCO Global Geopark and Xi’an Shanhe Tourism Development Company. At the ceremony site, a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement was signed and 11 nearby communities were awarded as the “Scenic Area Community, which fully symbolized the turning of “travelling in scenic areas” into “travelling in the whole area”.