“Dream Light Show” in Qinling Zhongnanshan

 In the middle of the summer of 2021, the heat wave is rolling, but the scene inside Qinling Zhongnanshan UNESCO Global Geoparks is different. After night falls, magic light and shadow bloom in Tianchi (dammed lake) in the geopark. This is the Qinling Zhongnanshan UNESCO Global Geopark Ice and Joy Season and 2021 Cuihuashan Light Show.

The 2 square kilometer light show area is set in Cuihuashan, the main scenic area of the geopark. Core scenic spots such as Yingbin Song, Yu’an Peak and Tianchi trail are connected by geological landscape lines, and the lake of Tianchi is perfectly integrated with natural mountains and rocks. Ten themes including “Yu’an Light and Shadow”, “Dream Butterfly”, “Forest Elk” and “Wind Blowing Wheat” make the light show colorful, bright and with endless changes. The thousand-year-old intangible cultural heritage “iron flower” is also blooming in Yingbinsong Square, bringing visitors a multi-dimensional sensory experience. When night falls, families, couples and photography enthusiasts gather on the side of the Tianchi lake to enjoy the fantastic night of the geopark.

Qinling Zhongnanshan UNESCO Global Geopark tries to bring tourists a fuller experience through richer activities. In addition to the activities such as “Dream Light Show” and “Cool Summer Festival”, themed activities such as “Zhongnan Culture Festival”, “Starry Sky Camping Festival”, “Cuihua Library Culture Festival” and “Qinling Outdoor Adventure Summer Camp” will also be held during the Qinling Ice and Joy Season, which will bring visitors a unique and immersive experience in the geopark.